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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your cafe located?

At the moment we are focusing on being on festivals and anime conventions as a caterer. Last year we started a small project with Set Genki Tei in The Hague to have a little café for our own for 1 year. But that project was cancelled due renovation of Set Genki Tei, we are looking for a new location that is suitable for the maid café. Please follow us at our Facebook for news and updates.

What makes you different than other convention cafes?

Neko Neko Ni Maid café is a small business, this means we are registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
Our café has the mission and vision to introduce the maid concept in the Netherlands, so that visitors can the maid experience from Asia. At Neko Neko Ni Maid café we are also a cosplay café which means we have a large variety of cosplay/clothes for specific themes like Christmas outfits, kimono’s and school uniforms. Also, our kitchen staff is professional chefs armed with experience in Asian and French cuisine.


Can I visit the cafe in cosplay?

That is possible, but please bear in mind that sometimes the café is very crowded and space is limited. Large cosplay props or cosplay is not recommended when you are visiting the café. This will be very uncomfortable for you and for other café visitors. If it is available, we have some storage where we can help you store your prop during convention. Our café will also not be responsible for any damage to your cosplay or prop.

Are there any entrance fees for the café?

As of now there are no fees to visit the café unless on conventions or stated otherwise. At conventions you have to purchase the convention pass to enter the convention in order to visit us. Some smaller conventions or festival has a free entrance for visitors. It is a good idea to check the convention or festival pages for more information regarding fees.

How can I become a maid?

Sometimes we have a maid application post on our Facebook page, please check the post for more information and send the required documents to us. You can always send in your portfolio to our e-mail found on our site footer for an open application. Please bear in mind we do have a minimum age, if you are still a minor we do need a written approval from your parents or guardian.


What can I expect at Neko Neko Ni maid café?

You can expect a unique experience at our café, our food and drinks are made with care. Our maids are friendly and their goal is to give each visitor the best experience possible.

Visitors can play games with maids, socialize with maids, relax and enjoy a day without much worries. It is a perfect way to destress from daily routine.
If you are a new or regular visitor there is always something new to experience at our café.

What kind of rules are there at the café?

There are 6 rules at our café which you can find in our menu. Our maid team will give you a full instruction about the rules and how to get the best experience in our café.
For our Discord Server there are some house rules which you can find by joining the server.

1. Do not in any way touch a maid’s body. (Physical contact) 

2. Do not ask personal information or contact information of maid’s.

3. Do not be inappropriate to a maid by making her feel uncomfortable

4. Do not stalk or persistently harass a maid.

5. Do not be a disturbance to the employees (staff), guests or neighbors of this café/ establishment.

6. Do not take pictures of maids or other customers, if you want a picture there is a picture service for a small fee. (Unless permission has been given)

For more questions feel free to ask our staff members. 

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